• Company Goals
  • We are responsible for global warming
  • Water Crisis
  • Waste of Energy
  • Behroshd Electronics Engineering Company has developed its High - Tech water descaler .


       25 Country International Airport
        10 five-star hotel

    100 Steel Industrial Complex
    10 power plants, refineries

    Behroshd technical member of the following companies:
    Complete removal of acid and salt in:

    Prevent corrosion of metals  
    Avoid the stop line  

    Reduce air pollution  
     Reduce emissions  

    Antifouling benefits of home Behroshd
    In addition to technical and economical advantages has the following advantages:
       Wash cleaner and cleaner

    Large-scale pollution of the environment has been destroyed. Environmental hazards, especially in cities and their surrounding areas most threatened. One of the ways to reduce pollution, the use of innovative technologies.

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    Address: Tehran, Navaab Highway-Azarbayjan Ave. Soheil Tower. 9th floor. No. 904
    Tel:(+98 21) 66381306 - 10  --- Fax: (+98 21) 66381311
    Email: info@zrbehroshd.com